First date!

After the first experience I had stayed off tinder for a few days but when I spoke to a friend, he said age wasn’t really ever an issue and that guy simply over-reacted for nothing. One of the days I was extremely bored and had absolutely nothing to do. Having shifted to Bangalore just a couple of weeks back, helping with the unpacking and all those college entrance tests had tired me out. I had been talking to a few guys over Tinder and one of the guy had suggested that we meet for a lunch date. He looked a little cute, a typical Kannadiga ( Kannada people are really nice, I must say) and it had been quite some interesting conversations with him, and so I said yes even though I was a little hesitant. I knew I was taking chances but how bad would it be. As it is said, you regret the chances you don’t take.

I was going to meet him in a public place in a locality I knew very well. We were to met at Taco Bell, not an ideal place for a date but I wanted to be somewhere I would be comfortable. I made him wait for a bit for which I felt awful, I have always been the punctual one but hey my hair took time to dry. A girl has her own problems and then guys expect us to dress up. My first impression of him wasn’t exactly very great. He was short, honestly I wouldn’t complain but I am a good 5’9” and he was at least 2 inches shorter. I have never been exactly very comfortable dating guys shorter than me.

I didn’t want that to affect me but eventually it did. We talked for a while, about his work, hobbies and what not. He had a great personality but I honestly think I had given up right after the height thing. I knew there would definitely not be a second date, we didn’t even have a connection. I enjoyed the food though.

I saw no potential relationship developing over there, not even a friendship. He asked me out for drinks later in the week but I wasn’t very keen.  Neither was I interested nor was it really possible. We spoke for a few days later and then after one of his drunk annoying conversation I never bothered talking to him again.

Well that was my first tinder date. It is one of the most boring dates I have been to, but still memorable since it was my first. I was nervous and excited. I had learnt to ask for the guy’s height always after that. Well it didn’t work too well, but that’s a story for another time.




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