Tinder tales-India

So Tinder is a dating app which is quite often used by a lot of youngsters nowadays for dating, hook-ups and surprisingly to make friends as well. Well I don’t have any right to judge people on the basis of how they choose to use the app, since I have had a mixed usage. In India it has been almost a year that Tinder came into the market and from the statistics there has been 1% daily increase in the number of people using the app. I have been on and off the app for about a good 9 months now. I have done quite a bit of casual dates and hook-ups. I surprisingly have a decent number of friends too. Being absolutely honest, I never wanted to make friends through such a platform. Sure they are nice people but I felt I had enough of friends.

I had just shifted to Bangalore from the much conservative Pune, one could only relate if they’ve been in both the places for a while. This cousin of mine lives in Bangalore and is extremely social I must say. She is the one who introduced me to Tinder, she claims to only use Tinder as a source of entertainment and I am not entirely sure if that is the case but that is not my issue. The concept of swiping left and right after going through a few photos and a bio (if a person bothered to write one) seemed a little fancy. I had never come across such a thing till that point of time. It wasn’t hard creating an account. A few pictures of me and a small catchy bio.


It was all set, I started with the swiping part. It is quite interesting doing the whole swiping. I had the age limit set up to at least a good 8 years elder to me. I have a thing for elder guys, you can’t judge me for that. Guys my age never seem to catch my attention. And then I had a notification saying that I had a match and also a message from the person. That moment was a mixture of varied emotions. I was excited, scared, happy and a little nervous.

The guy I had matched with started with subtle flirting, he seemed like a nice guy and we had common interests and as the conversation progressed he asked me out for coffee. We had even exchanged ids of our social media. He was some 7 years elder to me and the whole age discussion came up at a point, he was shocked hearing the age gap, which was quite surprising for me since my profile clearly mentioned my age. It quite annoyed me how he made it a huge deal blaming me for being much younger to him. He said he couldn’t ever date someone this young and would have to un-match me. It wasn’t about rejection but more about how he acted which disappointed me. It was a huge blow for someone using tinder for the very first time. After that incident I was off Tinder for a bit. Hey, but good times waited for me.

Good luck to anyone who is going for tinder after this. Good time learning how to use Tinder effectively and hope you escape the creepy guys.



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