‘Curious’ I think that is the word.


Some people are just so charming that you click in an instant but others are like slow poison.

There was this guy I had matched with, I was in Bangalore for my semester break and was doing my internship. I was just looking for a good fling at that point. His bio was pretty interesting and also pretty decent pictures. Honestly I wasn’t really that sure if I connected to him in the level I wanted, we had a decent conversation though and had conversations on and off for the next week. We had shifted from Tinder to WhatsApp and there wasn’t too much of a conversation going on though. What kept me interested was the fact that he was going for army next and I must tell you I have a huge thing for army men, plus he is tall. Then after a while he was just another contact in my phone and we never really ever even made plans. I didn’t bother talking to him and that was what I thought was the end of my story with him.

Till, almost a month later when he sent me a text on WhatsApp. I was done with my break and back in my college, a good 2100 kilometers away from Bangalore which has home by now. I am not exactly a very social person and my social life in college was pretty much non-existent. Any message would almost get my attention. I was back on tinder even though I had promised myself to not use tinder in my college and Delhi. And this guy is hot! Which hot guy doesn’t have ones’ attention?

We started conversing and I realized how much he matched to my kind of an ideal guy, which I hadn’t earlier realized. Taller than me, check. An army aspirant, check. Telugu roots, check. Bad past (little brutal, but I feel that people with a terrible past will understand my story better). Beard game on point, check. Eye color other than dark brown, check. Biker, check. I was kind of smitten with him. We clicked on a whole new level.

I know it’s not my part but he is as broken as I am. He had an ex cheating girlfriend and I was so moved by his story.His story was no longer than 50 words but it moved me immensely. For the first time I wanted to comfort someone, after ages I must say. I am not the one to deal with emotional situations. I could relate his condition to mine, even though my reason was quite different but both of us had sought solace in similar things.

I was kind of really curious to meet him in person. He had become much hotter, for me personality adds up to physical appearance and I thought maybe a hook-up wouldn’t do much of a harm, even though I wanted to know more of him and what he is like. At this point I am ready to take whatever comes to me. After long I have felt something different than what I usually do. In most of the cases, I am the heartless one who never really ever bothers getting to know a person but just wants some good sex and I am good to go.  We are so similar in so many things that it’s scary. I am a tad bit confused of what I want actually. I think this is my curiosity taking over.

Honestly I know I can’t chose since I started talking to him over tinder, but I guess its fine. Fingers crossed for the coming times. This is the most recent of my stories and is still going on. This guy is who I was referring to as slow poison.





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